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Taj Burrow is King of Snapper Rocks!

Posted: 2012/03/07 05:41:02 AM

The 2012 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast has come to an end and the level of surfing has once again jumped a few more steps! Taj Burrow is the undisputed king of Gold Coast, the 2012 Champion has been in the finals for the past 3 years running, claiming 2 victories. The 33 year old Burrows, was looking sharp and clean, and although many feel he is past his used by date to win a World Title, I feel he is out to prove them wrong. In the final Burrow took early lead with a couple of high scores against Adriano De Souza who came back fighting with a massive Air! The Brazilians are not happy, they feel Adriano was robbed, but at the end of the day, they all close, and as the Brazilians should know too well, a bit of local advantage goes a long way to a win!
South African Super Talent was on fire and unlucky to fall victim to Burrow in the Semi-Finals. Jordy had in my opinion the best ride of the heat but fell short needing a 6.9. Non-the-less a 3rd place finish is brilliant a great start to his World title campaign. Next up is Bells, we all know how Jordy loves big open faces so I feel 2012 is his time to ring that Bell and take the ratings lead, and stay on top till after Pipe!
Surf has been pounding the East Coast of South Africa with Durban producing some amazing big wave barrels. The Quiksilver Good wave is ready to go, we just need the winds to co-operate and its game on. With South Africa’s greatest field of surfers excluding Jordy and Travis who are in Oz, this is going to be an outstanding display of surfing not to be missed!
Greg Emslie

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