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Buitendag Dominates Chiko Pro Junior in Oz

Posted: 2012/03/13 01:48:48 PM

Bianca Buitendag has completely dominated the Chiko Pro Junior in clean 3 foot surf at Merewether Beach, Newcastle Australia. The South Africa surfed brilliantly throughout the event to eventually win a hard fought final with a massive 16.65 total to defeat Australian Ellie-Jean Coffey 14.50.
Fellow South African lady Sarah Baum finished equal 9nth, an average result by her standards. Bianca and Sarah are at the forefront of something great for South African Women’s Surfing, this already healthy rivalry is growing stronger and stronger through each contest and when people in the know are asked who is the better of the two, their minds change week by week.
I have personally watched both of them compete on form and it is hard to believe they are still so young; they compete, travel, and hold their composure in tricky situations with maturity and this will put them in good stead for a long illustrious career. Keep an eye on these girls!
The men’s 6 star Burton Toyota Pro and the Womens 6 Star Hunter Ports Classic are underway also in Newcasle as Part of the Surfest surf festival. South Africans still competing in these events include Travis Logie, Royden Bryson, Dale Staples, Shaun Joubert, Beyrick de Fries, and Davey van Zyl, Bianca Buitendag and Sarah Baum.
The events finish on 18 March, so good luck to our Boys and Girls.
Greg Emslie

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