|| Yo ricky-congrats bro.Keep flying the BLUFF FLAG arnd the GLOBE. || BLUFF POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! || WARNING!!!!This is just da start of a new era of Surfing, SAFAS are about to take over and the aussies r 1st on da list...KING COFFEEDREADCAT.. || WELL DONE RICKY!!!!! AH AH AH - SO PROUD OF YOU. YOU HAVE DONE YOURSELF, SOUTH AFRICA AND THE BLUFF (especially!!) PROUD!! YESSS!! LOVE PALMBOOMS || travis logie u no 1 arno zait israel || Chk the 40 in the QS and CT, Ozzies still dominate after 25 yrs. Well done lads...Green & Gold || BLUFF POWER BOOM BOOM,DALLAS GO EASY ON RICKY TONIGHT!!!!!!!!! || CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!NECO!!!!!!FRON BRASIL || go ricky ya da man BLUFF POWER from all the bluff boys in london || Spewin the waves didnt come for you dayyoof, you freak dude! || i think ricky's just smashed neve, bruun (aussies love sheep) || wat u doin dayyan || ah its not dayyan's lucky day.... RICKY!!!!!! || When Ricky wins he will be 3rd on the WQS, dayyan will be 2nd and Neco P no.1 || NOW WHAT HAVE ALL THOSE AUSSIES GOT TO SAY???? RICKY'S KILLING IT..FULL SUPPORT FROM COFFEE AND THE CREW AT WAVE-HOUSE SOUTH-AFRICA || Ricky you are the best thing in SA since Mandela!! || god is with u ricky arno israel || Go Ricky!!! Sick surfin so far to make da finals Brah...from Big G & all da ous at the New Pier Coffee Shop. || every saffa loves to see an ausie go down, send him home crying ricky... || Keep going Ricky!!! Just one more to win!!! The Wests - PE || DAYYAN WILL SMASH RICKY FROM TYSON BRUUN || YEWWWWWWWWWWW GO DAYOFF FROM TYSON BRUUN PS NSB RIPS || cmon dayyan you poof from tyson b and jan || yeeeeww big squeezes hunt hunt hunt! Mum and Papa Serrano || DAYYAN TAKE IT EASY BUT TAKE IT.....DAVE STEELE CULT TEAM MATE IN PORTUGAL.IT IS YOUR TIME. || WELL DONE ON MAKING THE FINALS RICKY!! SO PROUD OF YOU. YESSSSSSS...GO THE BLUFF!!!! THE PALMBOOMS || RICKY YOU HAVE MADE SA PROUD YOU MUST WIN!!!..LOTS OF LOVE FROM EAST LONDON SA ROBB FAMILY || come on Ricky stick it to the ozzies so they can shut their loud mouths for once g-man london || Go doofy!!!.. (that was for you dimmy) jen... || Go Dayyan from all at Taylor Made Travel