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The King has done it again!

Posted: 2012/06/12 12:41:06 PM

It Groundhog day again as Kelly Slater has won big yet again. Kelly taking out the Volcom Pro in Fiji in epic conditions, is however not just another win, he beat 19 year Brazilian surfing sensation Gabriel Medina in the final, a man that has beaten Kelly more often than not during his short time on tour. Does this mean more mind games and another 10 years on tour for Slater? As he says: “It’s about time I got him,” Slater said. “He had my number in the back half of last year and he’ll probably go on to beat everyone for the next 20 years. He can do it all and I think he proved that to a lot of people this week at Restaurants and out here at Cloudbreak.”
Where have I heard this sort of talk before, um, was it with Machado, Andy, Mick, Parko, De Souza, Jordy or Dane? The fact is that Kelly has probably studied Medina more than any of us know, and now, he has Medina’s number!
The surf for Fiji was nothing short of Epic. There was also much debate about the ASP calling the event off on one of the best free surfing days in History at 15 – 20 foot Cloudbreak. Standouts on that massive perfect day include Ramon Navarro, Kala Alexander, Reef McIntosh and not to be outdone, our very own Grant Twiggy Baker who had one Crazy Crazy 15 – 20 foot tube ride and stands a huge chance of winning the Oakley 1Wavewonder! Good job Twig!
Greg Emslie

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