Big Tube Rides and Solid Turns Ruled the Day!

by Greg 8. July 2010 02:28

We were blessed with solid 4-6 Foot surf at the Mr. Price Pro Ballito today with a couple of crazy tube rides! Although we were expecting average conditions, competitors had a ball in the sold but tricky surf that allowed for big maneuvers and one or two very long solid tube rides!

Wave of the day went to Manfred Adrio, a massive long tube ride that had the crown cheering as he was rewarded 9.83 out of 10!

Highest heat score of the event so far went to USA’S Taylor Knox today scoring 17.74 out of a possible 20.

The overcast cold conditions did not keep spectators away as the Red-hot surfing action kept them cheering and warm.

The Round of 96 was completed today along with 6 heats of Round of 48. Tomorrow has the potential to be epic in the morning so make sure you get down to the Mr. Price Pro Ballito as there are some great match ups in the morning!

Greg Emslie



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