The gloom of Andy Iron’s death overshadows Kelly Slaters 10th World Title

by Greg 10. November 2010 09:44

This has been the most emotional week of surfing I have ever heard of. It has involved two of the best surfers in the world over the last decade and in history, one passes away while the other reaches an all time high. Both of these surfers have been on my list of my favorite surfers throughout my career but I cant help but say that it been difficult to celebrate Kelly’s 10th World Title as I cant get over the sadness of Andy’s death, the only surfer to really challenge Slater’s success.


I have so many fond memories of Andy. It is clear to see the impact he has made on so many people’s life, there have been thousands of tribute’s paid to him from around the globe, a true Surf character that can never be duplicated. Andy was 3 times World Champion and he is the first World Surfing Champion to pass away. Your legend will live forever A.I.!


Slater’s 10th World Title is however incredible. His performance at the Rip Curl Pro Search in Puerto Rico was flawless. It makes you think that he could carry on, why not 12? The way Kelly is surfing I feel he has it in him to go to 12; he is just such an all round complete surfer. South Africa’s Jordy Smith looks set to take second place on the World Title ratings, a very solid year for him. I think this is a great stepping stone for Jordy to take the title next year, he will carry heaps of confidence knowing he was the only surfer that challenged Kelly to the end.


On the One World Ratings South African Shaun Joubert is into the Quarter finals of the 5 star Ocean and Earth Pro in Canary Islands. The contest is scheduled to finish tomorrow and it will be great to see Shaun crowned the Champion!


Greg Emslie


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