Triple Crown fever

by Greg 17. November 2010 08:48

Whilst most of us are stuck at home in the heat of summer with windy flat surf, The ASP World Tour is on the other side of the Globe, Hawaii, for the start of the infamous Triple Crown of surfing. Haliewa, Sunset Beach and Pipeline send shivers down anybody’s spine when the huge swells bash the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. The surfers have to be prepared for the season, every year you get back on the North Shore you ask yourself the question, how was I charging these waves last year, and you have to go out and experience the heavy powerful waves once again and make a name for yourself.


Hawaii is the proving ground of World Surfing and you feel every emotion on that Island from excitement to fear, exhilaration to anxiousness, and the emotions will be even higher this year with the Death of Hawaii’s favorite son, Andy Irons.


Andy has won all 3 of the triple crown events numerous times, he has won the Triple Crown of surfing 4 times and was crowned ASP World Champion 3 times on the beach at Pipeline, Andy’s favorite wave. There is going to be many a sad moment in Hawaii without Andy around, and talk on the street is that they are going to be naming the Pipeline Masters after Andy in memory and respect of him, way to go Billabong and ASP.

Pictured: Former three-time ASP World Champion, the late Andy Irons (HAW), 32, in action at Teahupoo in Tahiti, the venue for his last event victory in August and one of his favourite waves.

Credit: Steve Robertson



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