Tubes, Tubes And More Tubes!

by Greg 9. July 2010 02:37


I need to know if this morning was a normal day at Surfers Ballito? The waves were firing and there where some massive tube rides at the Mr. Price Pro Ballito. ASP you have to make this a Six Star Prime next year, it is easily good enough for a World Tour event and we have not even gone mobile yet!

 There were some great heats today and some pretty big names falling including Taylor Knox and myself. Besides that, Locals Jordy Smith and Dave Weare went mad along with Travis Logie. I was very impressed with Casey Grant this afternoon; he looked like he was in free surf with some crazy airs!

 We are down to the last 16 tomorrow and the conditions look epic again in the morning!

 See you down there!

Greg Emslie





2010/07/09 03:27:25 AM #

hey Greg, thanks for the updates! tough luck that you didn't make your heat, and best of luck to you in your next event! question... any chance you might get a wildcard for JBay with Parko potentially being out?? I think it'd be great if you did and I would definitely pick you as a dark-horse for my fantasy surfing team at!! By the way, check out the site... it's brand new, free, and easy to play. Anyhow, hope to see you back on the World Tour one day.

Cheers mate!


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