Hot Weather and Hot Action Today!

by Greg 7. July 2010 02:40

After an average start to the day wave wise, the contest organizers of the MR PRICE PRO BALLITO decided to put the contest on hold until 12pm. What a turn around, the weather heated up and the waves turned out punchy and super fun! The first heat of the day was a cracker with world number 13 and former winner the Mr. Price Pro, Chris Davidson, going to town as he was the stand out of the contest so far with the highest score of the event, 14.67 out of a possible 20.

Dave Weare was also impressive with some great aerial maneuvers along with Warwick Wright, Dale Staples, Travis Logie and Royden Bryson, all of who won their heats comfortably!

Tomorrow’s call is 7am with a possibility of organizers moving the event to Bogs, a break just down from Surfers where the contest has been held so far.

The weather, crowd, atmosphere and Surfing has been Ballistic so get down to Ballito tomorrow to see some of the Worlds best Surfers in action at the MR PRICE PRO BALITO.

Greg Emslie



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