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Jordy smith is carried up the beach at the Mr Price Pro Ballito. Will the world number one ranked surfer make it three wins in a row at the Cold Water Classic in Cape Town?  Picture: Cestari / Mr Price

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic, Cape Town got underway yesterday and weather charts are showing some solid favorable swell on the way. Forecasters are expecting the swell to jump today, Tuesday, 27 July, to a solid 8 – 12 feet on the outer reefs. If conditions are optimum we will be getting underway at some solid Outer Kom, a notorious left hand breaking wave in Kommetjie. It is not often we get to see our local surfers perform in waves like this in a Tour event so lets hope it all comes together and see the boys pulling out the big boards and charging!


The event is a 4 Star rated event and the last ASP Africa One World Tour event for the year so surfers will not only be tested against their competitors but against the Ocean as well in order to gain valuable points on home soil before the World Tour moves to the USA and Europe!


Favorite for the event is Jordy Smith, the current World number 1 who will be taking to the water in heat 16 today. Jordy will face up against a host of hot surfers including Travis Logie, Royden Bryson, Greg Emslie, Shaun Joubert and Mr Price Pro Ballito runner up, Casey Grant who has been on fine form.


Surfers will need to be ready for anything at this event as it is dubbed the wildest event on tour. We could be surfing 3-foot long beach one day, then 12 foot Kom the next, you just don’t know so you really have to be ready to tackle everything!


Good luck to all the surfers in the event and let hold thumbs for some epic surf!


Greg Emslie





2010/07/29 01:42:37 AM #

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2010/08/10 05:30:30 PM #


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2010/08/14 03:14:14 AM #

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