Junior Surfers Amping for the Pro

by Pierre 21. June 2010 10:57

IMAGE: Beyrick De Vries

Its 5am, I am in JBay and it’s freezing cold, there is snow on the mountains and it cannot be more than 4 degrees outside with a howling south-wester, rain and a bit of thunder.

I am very excited, as all indications are that it is going to be pumping today, I can’t wait. It’s school holidays and there are plenty holiday makers and tourists around with the Soccer World Cup and the small town is buzzing! There are amped groms from around the country ready to push there surfing at the worlds best right hand break!
Guys like Mikey February are around

and doing video coaching at Supers trying to perfect the break along with the likes of Steven Sawyer. Its great to see our young up and coming surfers pushing themselves before the World Tour hits town in the hope that they can impress the international contingent and take down some big names at the same time!
With the Mr Price Pro Ballito just over two weeks away I caught up with another two of South Africa’s most explosive junior surfers, Beyrick De Vries and Chad du Toit , both of these surfers are not scared to go for massive airs in their heats and had this to say about the upcoming Mr Price Pro Ballito.
Beyrick: “Getting 9th in the recent 6 Star event in Brazil was a definite confidence booster for me and I hope I can use that confidence going into the Mr Price Pro Ballito. It would really mean a lot to me to do well in home waters with a great crowd support. The WQS is really difficult and an eye opener but I can see myself having a lot of fun with it. I am still a junior for another two years and still have heaps to achieve there. However, my goals on the World Tour is to finish in the top 100 this year so the points from Mr Price Pro Ballito are vital for me achieving my goal!”
Chad: “ I am really excited and amped for this years Mr Price Pro Ballito because it’s the first ASP event of the year in South Africa. Ballito is such a cool venue and I have already put in a few practice sessions there. Being a 5 star rated event is a good opportunity to get some big points and prize money. My goal is to win the event, why else would I enter?!”
Currently underway is the 6 Star Sri Lankan Airlines Pro from 18-24 June at Arugam Bay Sri Lanka. Good luck to all the South African’s in the event.
Greg Emslie


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