Mr Price Pro Ballito Goes Prime

by Greg 2. February 2011 08:33

After 2 years of great surf in Ballito, The Mr Price Pro Ballito finally gets the rating it deserves, Six Star PRIME STATUS! The waves were near perfect on a few days during competition at Ballito last year and saw some crazy tube rides including a few 10-point rides! This is what surfing is all about, the best surfers in the best waves and this is why the Best surfer in Last years event, Jordy Smith was the Winner. The importance of a Prime event such as this is huge especially in the middle of the year were surfers are trying to gather as many points as possible to ensure they qualify for the World Title Tour’s midyear re shuffle so the Mr Price Pro Ballito will attract all the Worlds best surfers and with the waves offering everything from big long tube rides to massive ramp sections for crazy Aerial moves, this is on event you don’t want miss, so make sure you get down to Ballito from 04 July to 10 July 2011 for the Mr Price Pro Ballito.


 The ASP 5 Star Volcom Pro Pipeline completed this weekend with 18-year-old wonder kid, John John Florence taking top honors at the bone crushing wave of Banzaii Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. With a field of Pipeline specialist, top pro’s and wannabee hero’s, the young Florence who has grown up in front of the break, took control of the Pipeline and showed that he is going to be around for a long time to come as he disposed of the strong field of surfers.

On the final day of competition, John John had to surf through 4 heavy rounds of competition to reach the final in the pounding 6-8 foot surf. In the final, his 2 top scoring waves of 8.43 and an impressive 9.93 were more than enough for Florence to take the victory over fellow Hawaiian Jamie O’Brian, Californian Chris Ward and Aamion Goodwin, Hawaii.

Three South Africans competed in the Volcom Pro Pipeline namely Damien Fahrenfort, Rudy Palmboom and Matt Bromley with all of them had a good dig. Fahrenfort was the highest finisher of the bunch with a 25th place overall.


Greg Emslie


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