Pro Surfing heads back to Rio

by Greg 10. May 2011 08:52

Pro Surfing heads back to Rio de Janiero this week for the Billabong Rio Pro, Brazil and runs from 11 May through 22 May. Rio is an awesome venue in Brazil for an event as the crowds flock to the beach to support their local hero’s. The surf can get tricky with powerful dumpy midbreak closeouts when the swell arrives, to fun shorebreak rip bowls when the surf dies off.

South Africa Jordy Smith is heading into the event as 3rd seed behind Kelly Slater and Joel Parkinson. Jordy will have to keep his head in the challenging and ever changing Brazilian waves but his affluent style of surfing should see him in good stead for the event.


Another Billabong event is on the go this week in South Africa, the The Billabong South African Surfing championships at Seal Point. The event starts on Thurday 12 May – Sunday 15 May. The field is looking strong with all the surfers having their eyes on “the lightining faster trophy” that I have and intend keeping in my possession! This is a prestigious event and all you have to do is look at the names on the Trophy dating back to 1969 to get you amped! The names include the likes of Shaun Tomson, Gavin Rudolph, Mike Tomson, Johnny Paarman, Paul Naude and Chris Knutsen to name a few! The waves are looking fun for the event at Seal Point and lets hope it’s a well fought contest for this prestigious trophy!


Greg Emslie


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