6.0 Lowers Pro to hit the water this week

by Greg 2. May 2011 16:18

The 6.0 Lowers Pro is to hit the water this week on the high performance waves of Lower Trestles, California USA. The event is a Six star Prime rated event and will attract a host of the worlds top surfers, not only because of the high rating the event has but purely because the top surfers enjoy surfing in the high standard fun waves of Lower Trestles. Entered in the event include Dane Reynolds who has returned from injury. My call is for Dane to win the contest, he is amazing out at Trestles and after being out of action for some time, he will be fired up to compete again! Dane will have to compete against the likes of the Hobgood Brothers, Julian Wilson, Adrian Buchan, ASP World Junior Champion Jack Freestone and runner-up South African Dale Staples. South Africans joining Dale in the event are Brandon Jackson, Royden Bryson, Shaun Joubert and Rudy Palmboom. Travis Logie is still out with an injured foot. He has entered the next Prime event in Brazil starting May 24 so lets hope he has heeled by then! The South Africans have had a bit of a bad run of late so some solid results from these boys will be welcomed!


A huge well done must go out to Sally Fitzgibbons who has won back to back contest on the ASP Women’s World Tour namely the Rip Curl Bells Beach last week and the Subaru TSB Pro in New Zealand this week to take top spot on the ASP World Women’s ratings! The high standard of Women’s surfing in recent years has even got Kelly Slater complimenting them. I get the feeling that Women’s surfing is becoming like Women’s tennis with the Young lady’s really pushing the limits!


Greg Emslie


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