Hobgood wins Telstra Drug Aware 6 Star Prime

by Greg 12. April 2011 11:17

Damien Hobgood has won the Telstra Drug Aware 6 Star Prime event at Margaret River Western Australia. Damien's experience stood out in this event and showed what being a professional surfer is all about as surfers had to deal with and adapt to all types of conditions from solid 15-foot surf to tiny 1–2 foot surf on the final day. In a wave-starved final, Damien was smarting to get 2 quick waves under his belt and left local surfer, Yadin Nicoll stranded with not too many options as the ocean went still. Damien's final winning tally was 12.83 to Yadins 6.94 and Dammo earned himself $40 000 and 6500 One World Ratings points!

This event was unfortunately a shocker for the South Africans. From the outset things went wrong with Travis getting injured and pulling out and the rest of the guys falling by the way side. It is vital that our surfers score big in the prime events, as the points are that much higher towards qualifying. Highest finishing South African was Shaun Joubert with a 25th place finish and 700 points.

In the women’s division Courtney Conlogue took down Sage Erickson while South African Bianca Buitendag managed a 9th place finish.

This week we see the start of the 6 star O’Neill Cold Water Classic Scotland. I love this event, Ice Cold water, really good waves and so much history in Scotland. I also like it as South Africans normally do really well there. Last year Royden Bryson won the event in really good surf and in 2008 David Weare finished 3rd. Surf forecasts are looking good for a Wednesday start so lets hope our South African surfers are over there getting used to the cold water. South Africans in the event include last years winner Royden Bryson, Brandon Jackson, Brandon Gibbons, Shaun Joubert, Beyrick de Fries and 2010 Mr price Pro Ballito Runner up Casey Grant. Good luck boys and bring us home another one of those winning swords!

Greg Emslie


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