|| All the best to the red surfers. || As a result of the Mr Price Pro Ballito Looks like a brand new town as a result of the spruceup for the competition || IS there going to be space for us local ballito surfer's to surf ? Haha good luck to all competitors!!! jason || great website. looking forward to the event. travis, durban || Come on Trav, Do for the South Africans in London it's your turn to win!!! || The event that I look forward to every year! || Produce the goods ballito! || What an awesome venue...should be a great event! || we'll be rooting for all guys and gals who entered the mr price pro.good luck! || Good luck Russ Winter,do it for the brits,from The Newquay Boys || Great website, can't wait for the event to start - Ballito 2009 - going to be good! || ... TA DAAA ... its June and almost time for the Mr Price Pro 2009... Ballito - exciting times ahead. Good luck! || Welcome to Mr Price Pro Ballito 2009! || Tam. This one is yours. You charge harder than all the rest. Love you! The Strodes.
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Temp 19c
Humidity 56%
Sunrise 6:52 am
Sunset 5:05 pm
Cloud Cover Clear
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Tammy Lee Smith
Nick Name: Tam
Age: 22
From: Ballito
Place of Birth: Durban – South Africa
Currently Rated: 19
Stance: Natural
Sponsors: Red, Dakine, Oakley and Bilt Surfboards
Main Shaper: Elton Frusman
Favourite Waves: Sunrise – Ballito
Favourite Maneuvers: Attempting airs and getting barreled
Favourite Surfers: Bec Woods, Mel Bartels, and Sofia
Other Interests: Skating, flow riding and gym
Career Victories: Highest WQS rating: 23 Years on ASP WQS Tour: 3 Started Surfing: 2000 Staring rolls in surf movies / DVD’s: Beautiful; Oura Events Won: Multiple SA Champ, ASP Africa champ 08, Multiple Billabong Junior Series winner, 5th Mr Price Pro
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