|| GO TAM TAM U ARE MY HERO!!!MEL || Check out the cool quarterbunny shack for a great bunnychow!!! || We love you butterball!! Make your moms proud! Lisa and Lisa! || Go you sexy things!!!! We love Ballito!!!!!!!!!!!!! || Good luck for Francisca from portugal and nicolau! I love South Africa Waves,amazing! Andre ( Portugal) || go dallas!!! boys from the NEL watching live in Australia || aloha Carissa ! (hawaii) ???? ?????! ????????????????????! FROM TOYO & MIKA || Good job riding the bombs on Sunday ladies,well done.Good luck with the rest of the comp guys ... Deon K || Go Auntie Claire love Lolly and the Bevs xxxxx || Forza Sean Holmes un saluto da Maurizio dall'Italia || Hey guys, good luck for today.Purple Pear Interiors || Good effort Laura. Bad luck. Seeya back in Oz. The Matto family || why did you not finish the girls comp? it's so lame that the guys always get the advantage of better surf, longer waiting periods etc. why don't you g || Go Lozzie, get a good one. Lotsa Love Mum, Rita, Jan and Michelle || Vamo arribaaaa Marco!!! vamos uruguay || Come on MArco giorgi !! you can win!! || well done sarah love mum and dad || Smashed it bec!keep charging love from the oldies! || Paige H good luck from spring and claire should be right at home in big surf an cold water take them out || You there Nick, see ya in J Bay mate. Perry.
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