Here comes John John

by Greg 6. February 2012 15:30

During the 2011 Pipeline Masters Quarter finals, John John Florence had Kelly Slater needing a combination of 2 waves to beat him, with just 5 minutes to go… game over? No way! Slater racks up a quick 9.4 followed immediately by a 7.83 to take the win and leave John John stunned.


Well it appears John took notes, sliced them diced them and improved on them, and just over a month later, he is in even a worse combination situation at the same infamous break during the Volcom Pipe Pro against Jamie O’Brien with just over 4 minutes on the clock. What does he do, scores a perfect ten, followed immediately by a 9.93 leaving Jamie O’Brien scratching his head.


John John has the big match temperament to be a champion and he is going to be the man to watch this year on the World Tour as things hot up with all the youngsters stepping up to the plate.

The first World Tour event kicks off at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast Australia from 25 February – 07 March 2012.


The first Prime event of the year, The Hang Loose Pro, is about to kick of on the Small Island of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil, from 7-12 February. It is crucial to surf the Primes this year if you want to Qualify, and with great success here in the past from South Africans, it is beyond me that only 1 South African has entered! Lets hope our lone ranger Shaun Joubert does us proud and brings back the gold. The Hang Loose pro is 1 of 10 Prime events, also included is the Mr Price Pro Ballito from 2-8 July.


Greg Emslie


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