Gary van Wieringen

Nick Name: Wockman; Zoolander
Age: 33
From: Durban
Place of Birth: Durban
Years Rated: 2yrs on the WQS
Currently Rated:
Stance: Natural
Sponsors: Red, Electric Sunglasses, Clayton Surfboards, wild boys surfshop
Main Shaper: Clayton
Training Program: Running, swimming and yoga
Favourite Waves: Greenpoint, Jbay, Goldcoast Aus,
Favourite Maneuvers: barrels, power turns
Favourite Surfers: Kelly, Occy, Andy, Parko, Taj
Other Interests: relaxing on the couch
2006 Highlights: CAREER BEST RESULTS: 3rd Glodina night contest (1992/3?); 3rd Island Style (2004); 9th Lost Pro (2004); SURF TRIPS INT/ LOCAL: Aus (2000); Indo boat trip (2000)
Career Victories: Southern Natal champs