The next Comrades Panel Meeting will be held on Thursday, 29th April 2004, information on where the panel meetings will be held are as follows:-


: Rocky Road Runners Club   
: Waverly Bowls Club
: Hamlin Street
: Waverly, Johannesburg 

 Time : 19h00
 Entry Fee : R15.00 
 Facilities : Refreshment Bar, Snacks
 Parking : Safe, Supervised Parking
 Advice Notes   : Daily Trainig Programmes provided for Bronze Medal, Bill Rowan and 12 hour Comrades
 Contact : Colleen on (011)7865205 or 0834078744 or [email protected]






The schedule for the Comrades Panel Meeting




 Thursday, 29 April 2004

 The hardest training

 Arnold Geerdts - Sports Presenter
 Berenice van Dyk - last year's novice
 Don Oliver - Comrades Coach

 Tuesday, 25 May 2004

   How to run the 'up run' of Comrades  

 Bruce Fordyce - 21 medals to his credit and 9 time Winner
 Dave Dixon - CMA Chairman
 Barry Varty - CMA member with 22 medals to his credit
 Don Oliver - Comrades Coach

Approved by the Comrades Marathon Association as an "Approved Comrades Training Programme".

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